What is Chinese Out of the Box?

Chinese Out of the Box is a complete set of materials for developing the foundation skills for Mandarin Chinese for children who have not been previously exposed to the language. Its basic assumption is that children aged 5-10 are a valuable language learning resource: they are ready to learn in a classroom setting and they are able to develop accurate listening and pronunciation skills. After several hours of active contact with the language, children of this age have developed better pronunciation than college students with several months of study.

Chinese Out of the Box is an instructional kit that gives the teacher a complete range of tools for exposing the children to Mandarin, engaging them in Mandarin activities, and leading them to perform in Mandarin using culturally appropriate behaviors.

By the end of the course, the children will be able to answer questions about themselves, discuss food, and identify common objects in their environments and imaginations—and sound really good doing it!

《非常中文》是一套完整全面的用于开发非母语儿童中文学习能力的教材。 5-10岁的儿童正处在学习语言的黄金时段,他们可以快速地掌握准确的听说。 他们在开始学习一门新的语言时,往往只需几个小时,发音就会比学了几个月的大学生还标准。

《非常中文》为教师们提供了全套的工具,用来帮助孩子们 “体演” 中文,运用普通话进行多种活动和游戏,并合情合理地正确使用中文的表达。使用这套教材之后,孩子们可以用中文谈论自己和身边各种感兴趣的事物,而且会听上去很 “正” 哦!