Components of the Box

Chinese out of the Box is a rich and comprehensive kit comprised of nine instructional resources called components.

(Read System Requirements for instructions on how to use these components.)

1. Lesson Plans and Guidance

Lesson plans provide teachers with detailed information of how to carry out the day’s lessons, including objectives, sentence structures, vocabulary, warm-up and classroom activities, and where and when to incoorporate other components, etc.

2. Flash Dialogues

Flash dialogues are animated fun and attractive cartoons to engage young Chinese language learners. It's built upon the basic dialogues of each stage, and provides abundant functions to let kids interact with in or out of the classroom.

3. Vocabulary PowerPoints

Vocabulary PowerPoint files are presented in both Pinyin and Hanzi, paired with illustrations. Recorded audio accompanies each words.

4. Flash Cards

We also provid Flash Cards for the vocabulary of each lesson. They'll come in handy in classroom instructions.

5. Cartoon Clips

Big-Headed Son, Small-Headed Dad is a wonderful Chinese cartoon series about a precocious little boy and his doting father. For each stage, we incorporated several related clips of this cartoon into the lesson plan, which serves to reinforce the language and cultural points covered in each stage.

6. SMART Board Games

Children always enjoy participating in interactive, collaborative, and competitive activities. In this kit, SMART Board games are designed to provide more opportunities for the kids to practice their new skills through interaction with the SMART Board.

7. Family Guide

We recognizes that a child’s family plays a critical role in learning. Through Family Guide, we provide the opportunities for the child’s family to actively involved in the child’s learning. Or, if more desirable, Family Guide can also be used as additional worksheets to distribute to students.

8. Assessment Tools

Our assessment is based on performance rather than traditional written tests. Essentially, we want students to learn how to do things in a Chinese way, so that they will feel comfortable interacting with Chinese people in a culturally natural way.

9. Teacher’s Manual

Teacher's Manual contains all necessary information to help the teachers to use this set of materials.